Dalian Merik


Full Moon

Physical Primary: all favored (strength 4(5) 3bp/dexterity 3/stamina 5)
Mental Secondary: Wits favored (perception3/intelligence 2/wits 4)
Social Tertiary: (Charisma 3/Manipulation 1/Appearance 3)

Abilites: favored survival/ Martial Arts
Athletics 2
Awareness 3
Dodge 3
Integrity 2
Lore 1
Martial arts 2 (4) 2bp
Resistance 3
Presence 2
Ride 1
Stealth 3
Survival 2 (3) 1bp
Occult 1

Survival (tracking) 2 1bp

Compassion 2
Conviction 3 (4) 3bp (5) 3fp
Temperance 1
Valour 3

Deadly Beastman Transformation (scorpion tail, scorpion tail (piercing), claws-talons 5/6)
tail: Speed 5, Accuracy +2, Damage +2L, Defense +2, Rate 2 Piercing
talons: all unarmed attacks are lethal with +2L additional
Perfected Hybrid Interaction
Quicksilver Second Face
Humble Mouse Shape

First Stamina Excellency
Ox Body Technique (-2×4/incapx2)
Claws of the Silver Moon
Armor-Forming Technique

Heart’s blood 2 (3) 1bp
Mentor 2
Solar bond 1
Tattoo artifact 2/(1) hearthstone bracers/ (artifact breastplate) 1bp
2L soak and +6L/4B soak

Reptilian eyes with a triple set of eyelids, closing both vertically and horizontally

Bonus points: 1
Attribute (str) 3
Virtue (conviction) 3
Background (heart’s blood) 1
Background (tattoo artifact) 1
Favored Ability 3
Mutation: 3 (thick skin/ nightvision/ claws)

Flaws: 8 fp (3 fp)
Missing Eye (3 bp) right eye, scar over and cataract (-2 on visual perception/-3 on ranged attacks)
Greater Curse (3 bp) -3 limit
Climate Sensitivity (2 bp) aversion and internal penalty for overly cold environments no matter the shape, a trait coming from attuning so well to the spirit totem (variable penalty as presented by ST)

Merits: 5
Danger Sense (-5fp) intensive training and lots of practice of living without the eye in the wild against threats and hunters. (+2 perception on ambushes/traps/join battle, never lose Dodge DV in surprise, +3 dice to avoid hidden dangers)

Extra flaw points: virtue (conviction) 3

Essence 2
Willpower 8
Personal Essence: 2+16=18
Peripheral Essence: (2×4)(8×2)(5×4)=44
Health Levels: -0×1, -1×2, -2×6, -4×1, Incap, dying +2

Heart’s Blood Library: West to East (str/dex/stam) [Spd/Acc/Dmg/Rate]
?Swamp Eel 3/4/3?
?Black Empire Scorpion 1/5/2?
Cactus Snake 1/5/2 Bite: [4/9/1L*/1] (Damage9L/minute, Toxicity 4 Penalty -3)
Raiton 2/3/2 Beak: [6/8/2L/1]
Bangi Fly 3/4/4 Bite:[5/10/5L*/2] (Damage 4L, Toxicity 4, Penalty paralysis/-3).
Eight Tailed Mole Hound 5/4/4 Bite: [5/9/7L/2]
Mospid 2/3/2 Claw: [6/8/2L/2]
Grey Pack Wolf 4/3/4 Bite: [5/8/6L/1]
Riding Horse 4/3/3 Bite: [5/9/2L/1] Kick: [2/6/6B/1]
?Snowy Tabby Cat 1/5/2?


Dalian Merik/ Thrashing Waters of Piranha’s Frenzy

The story so far

Second son of a nomadic Delzahn couple, Daelian grew up dedicated and responsible in the shadow of his elder brother. Raising the livestock and learning to ride were his responsibilities while he was a youth. Caleb made sure to toughen up his kid brother with good-natured routine fistfights. The static family took care of the resources they were responsible for and wanted for very little outside of their means.
Into Dalian’s adolescence, a major life altering event took the tribe by storm. A vicious Elemental descended on them in a tempestuous fury, driving the herb beasts mad and destroying anything it touched with a withering, warping touch. Its bellows were the crashing booms of thunder and its fiendish claws trailed through the clouds. Caleb and Dalian were out riding when it showed up from the skies. Thrown from their mounts, the brothers tried to get back to their parents, but the fear stricken livestock flailed and thrashed about. Their father heard the cries for help and fought his way past, picking up Dalian and throwing him up and over the animals, landing bruised away from where they were heading. His mother ran over and hugged him tightly as he tried to go back in, to find his father and brother.
The madness ended after the creature sated its lust for blood and the panic died down slowly. Dalian and his mother crept past the exhausted beasts to find his father curled around a sobbing Caleb, a jagged red gash on his back and his temple. Caleb jumped up at the sight of them and passed out from shock.
Dalian’s father was treated to the funeral rites he deserved and Caleb lay in bed with a delirious fever and distended abdomen from something damaged within. He stayed with the living for a short time, but without the medicine necessary, he died a week after the incident.
The other families that survived pitied the loss and helped Dalian’s mother rebuild her home and take care of the beasts she had left. Even though their life had not changed much thanks to the help they got, the family was destroyed. His mother threw all of her anger and sadness at Dalian in the form of resentment. She blamed him for what happened to her husband and son. Verbal abuse was the lesser of the torments flung at him, lashing at him for living instead of the other two. Dalian slowly built a personal wall around him, a safe place in his mind where little affected him and he could remember the family he used to have.
He went out as he used to take care of the animals and to train himself, not only as a rider, but in the games that he and his brother played, using the trees around him as targets, he honed a rough stylistic idea of fighting based on the way he dealt with his trouble and how he wanted his brother to see him. Toughening his limbs constantly by the rough bark and impact, Dalian sought to make his body as resilient as his mind. Bruises and bleeding he caused eventually went away, leaving calloused skin, small scars, and new muscle. He sought to make his deceased brother proud of what he could do, and believed that his practice did exactly that.
Instead of letting the tribe keep taking care of the two of them, Dalian made himself useful around the encampments they made.
The apathy that Dalian wore as a mask at home eventually ate into his mother’s sanity. Her verbal beatings turned more vicious and eventually physical as she fell deeper and deeper into her misery. One particularly bad evening, she took to throwing anything she could find at Dalian. He shrugged off the books and other things flying towards him, knowing that it was not her fault she happened to descend into this state. However, when he turned around to try and calm her down, a knife gouged into his face, maiming his eye and making a bloody mess of his face. His screams and the blood shocked his mother into a hysterical fit as the tribe ran inside to find the scene. They took Dalian out and cleaned the injury, but his right eye would not be able to be saved, the knife did not just glace off the bone, but hit at a diagonal so it had ruined his vision.
Three years passed since he lost the function of his eye when the Elemental returned to feed on man and beast. It descended from the blood-red clouds of sunset this time, claws and teeth tearing into flesh like a tanning knife would cut taut leather. This time, Dalian was home with his mother, who had calmed down quite a bit since his injury. She jumped with a shriek at the monster’s bellow, and cowered behind anything she could find. Dalian stepped out to help the other men fend it off. For an hour the men poked it with scythes, pitchforks, and knives, but the beast would not leave.
A strange sensation came over Dalian at that point, watching his friends and neighbors being flung like they were irritating stones underfoot. A strength sitting in his swelled as words whispered in his heart, “You’re determination has helped you survive the trials given to you, your strength of will guides your actions. Would that you fight for me to prevent the Wyld from invading the lands. Act on what you feel is right in the moment; protect others as you have protected yourself. You are a son of mine. Go out; keep them safe from incursions and from themselves. Go out, and keep them safe for Luna.”
As she finished speaking, a shadow of a cloaked woman with antlers walked up to him, touched Dalian on the shoulder and nodded. The cage inside was opened and Dalian changed. His body rippled as scales covered him and he grew a couple of feet. His face elongated and claws formed from where his nails had been. In a fury, Dalian pounced on the creature, now at an even footing in terms of size. Grabbing an arm, he leaped behind it, ripping the entire thing from its body and hurling it out of the encampment. With a roar of pain that Dalian challenged instantly, it swiped at him, claws skittering across the diamond hard scales on Dalian’s new body. Sparks flew and Dalian caught the blow on his blind side, knocking him over. He righted himself and lunged at the creature’s neck, tearing at it while it helplessly flailed against him.
Finally, it lay limp, drained of all its strength, and Dalian let go and walked home, his job done. As he walked home, his people stared. Some in awe, some in fear, but they stood, rooted in place. As he walked towards his home, his body slowly reverted to the man that they knew, but still they stood unmoving. They knew what he was still. He arrived, his mother cowering at the doorway, looking past him at the corpse of what killed her husband, then at her child who became a monster himself. She fled into the hut. Dalian walked in and she took flight to a farther corner. He picked up his riding bag, a few necessities, and a small token to remember them by. He walked out that night, turning only once to her and saying “it is for the best now, you are free of the burdens you have held onto for years.”
One of his riding companions had the courage to walk up before he left. Dalian asked the man to take care of his mother and her herd beasts. With a gulp and a nod, the man agreed and walked away without a word. Dalian vanished from that tribe under the light of the moon.

Dalian Merik

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