Jocosa Dancing Winds

A playful and free spirited catfolk girl who harnesses the mysterious powers of fortune telling to cast devestating spells


Jocosa Dancing Wind
Female Catfolk Sorceress 6/Harrower 7
CG Medium Humanoid
Init +8; Senses Low-Light Vision; Listen +4, Spot +2, SR 18
Languages Common, Feline (Cheetah Dialect), Draconic

AC 26, touch 20, flat-footed 18
(+8 Dex, +5 armor, +2 deflection, +1 natural)
HP (52+5d4+7d6)
Fort +12, Ref +16, Will +16
Str 11, Dex 22 (26), Con 16 (18), Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 21 (25)

Speed 40ft
Melee weapon MW Morning Star +7/+2 (1d8/x2)
Dagger +6/+1 (1d4/19-20×2)
Ranged weapon +1 Acidic Light Crossbow +15/+10 (1d8+1d6acid+1/19-20×2)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Base Atk +6/+1; Grp +6; Caster Level 13; 15 vs SR

Skills Bluff +10 (3r), Concentration +20 (16r), Diplomacy +10 (3r), Gather Information +10 (0r), Knowledge (Arcana) +10 (9r), Knowledge (Local) +6 (5r), Knowledge (Planes) +4 (3r), Move Silently +10 (0r), Listen +4 (0r), Spellcraft +12 (9r)
Feats Harrowed, Reach Spell, Energy Substitution (Acid), Rapid Reload
SQ Summon Familiar, Blessing of the Harrow (pg 224), Harrow Casting (7/day), Tower of Intelligence, Tower of Strength, Tower of Charisma, Spirit Deck (8/day), Tower of Constitution
Spell-Like Abilities Divination (1/day; CL 12)
Spells Known Cantrips- Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Electric Jolt, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Sonic Snap; 1st- Identify, Magic Missile, Ray of Clumsiness, Lesser Orb of Sonic, Shield, ; 2nd- Combust, Rainbow Beam, Rope Trick, Scorching Ray, Shatter; 3rd- Fireball, Harrow, Rainbow Blast, Sound Lance, Unluck; 4th- Confusion, Orb of Acid, Orb of Sound; 5th- Prismatic Ray, Vitriolic Sphere; 6th- Disintegrate
Spells Per Day 8 Cantrips (DC 17), 8 1st (DC 18), 8 2nd (DC 19), 7 3rd (DC 20), 7 4th (DC 21), 6 5th (DC 22), 4 6th (DC 23)
Possessions +1 Acidic Light Crossbow, MW Morning Star, Dagger, 20 bolts, Robes of the Archmagi (White), Cloak of Charisma +4, Gloves of Dexterity +4, Amulet of Health +2, Anklet of Translocation, Ring of Arcane Might, Ring of Protection +2, Healing Belt, Harrow Deck, Backpack, Bedroll, Winter Blanket, Flint & Steel, Small Steel Mirror, Spell Component Pouch, Waterskinn, Potion Cure Light Wounds, 21gp, 4sp


Age 18
Gender Female
Orientation Heterosexual
Height 4’10
Weight 95lbs
Appearance Cheetah Clan of catfolk, markings on body typical of a cheetah, including thick black mascara like tear streaks down her face. Hair is choppily cut, coming to roughly her shoulders, separating itself into segments and bangs that go past her eyes but are also segmented into roughly 4 sections. Green eyes, brown hair. Well built body with long neck. Scantily clad body covered by an oversized white robe.

Jocosa Dancing Winds

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